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Confirmed Raids on Indigenous Dispensaries since Canadian legalization

The following table shows the raids that Canadian police forces have carried out against Indigenous cannabis dispensaries on reserve. If there are others that we have missed, please let us know in the comments below.

Jan 4 2019Henvey InletMedi Shack, other store
Jan 3 2019WahnapitaeCreator’s Choice, First Nations Medicinal
Jan 31, 2019Six NationsGeorgia Peach
May 2, 2019Curve Lake (not within reserve)
June 2019Aamjiwnaang FN
July 4, 2019Kettle PointGeorgia Peach, Organic Solutions
July 14, 2019Kwaw-kwaw-ApiltIndigenous Bloom
July 30, 2019Aamjiwnaang FNReeferinery, Pot of Gold Edibles
July 31, 2019Aamjiwnaang FN
Sep 16, 2019Aundeck Omni KaningBuddies
Sep 18, 2019WahnapitaeCreator’s Choice, First Nations Medicinal
Oct 9, 2019Six Nations
Oct 29th, 2019Millbrook First NationPukfew Wasuek (Fire Flower)
Nov 27, 2019Garden River

Possible raid

Before Legalization

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