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Dispensing Freedom is a media enterprise which focuses on the development of the indigenous cannabis industry in the land known as “Canada”. We currently have an archive of over 500 articles covering the development of the plant since so-called legalization. You can also find Dispensing Freedom on all social media channels and in print.

This website puts its focus on examining the relationship of Indigenous people to the cannabis plant. We do this because we believe that the reality of Indigenous involvement in the cannabis industry is the best means to defend and build a cannabis industry that is truly based on healing people and healing the earth.

The Trudeau government rammed legalization through rapidly, without consulting indigenous people, in order to fulfill an election promise in his first term. This has left indigenous groups to fend for themselves and work on their own rules and regulations even as they face criminalization and raids/robberies from the state.

The Indigenous cannabis industry is the foundation for a winning alternative to the Crown-corporate monopolies. A mutually-beneficial trading relationship between Canadian craft growers and producers and Indigenous people could offer a real opportunity for mutually beneficial exchange and economic reconciliation. 

The people who have built this industry will not vanish quietly into the night, especially given the sacrifices they have made to get this far. Producers and retailers who have been raided/robbed multiple times are still open and are working in good faith with their local leaders to operate under a grassroots indigenous cannabis framework.

Dispensing Freedom has been at the front lines of the indigenous cannabis movement, we have been there to cover all of the major conferences, meetings, raids and legal developments. Our research team works diligently to identify trends and build the big picture in this rapidly-developing field.

This website is just one small  way to try and examine the growing reality of Indigenous cannabis.

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We are comprised of indigenous and non-indigenous people who are dedicated to researching and reporting on the indigenous cannabis industry. Our aim is to provide accurate and timely information to our readers. We want to be your one-stop-shop for news on the industry.

Dispensing Freedom consults with, reports upon, and creates media relating to Indigenous issues and matters of concern to the cannabis industry, but does not sell cannabis or cannabis products.

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