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Dispensing Freedom is a website about cannabis, medicine, and people trying to be free. It has been created in the aftermath of what will likely be Justin Trudeau’s greatest legislative accomplishment – the “legalizing” of cannabis.

Unfortunately,  rather then simply decriminalizing a safe and profoundly useful plant, Trudeau’s legalization is more accurately termed an unwanted Crown-corporate take-over of a cannabis industry run by common people using the plant to supplement their income in an era of general economic decline.

This website puts its focus on examining the relationship of Indigenous people to the cannabis plant. We do this because we believe that the reality of Indigenous involvement in the cannabis industry is the best means to defend and build a cannabis industry that is truly based on healing people and healing the earth.

The Indigenous cannabis industry is the foundation for a wining alternative to the Crown-corporate monopolies. A mutually-beneficial trading relationship between Canadian craft growers and producers and Indigenous people could offer a real opportunity for mutually beneficial exchange and economic reconciliation. 

We know that the people who have built this industry won’t go away, especially given the sacrifices they have made to get this far. At this point it remains an open question about how hard state authorities will crack down on producers and retailers of so called “illicit” cannabis, and how they will react to the growing Indigenous cannabis industry.

What happens next is really up to all of us. How strongly do we come together to defend those charged under the anti-cannabis laws of Prohibition 2.0? Do we stand together to defend the sovereign rights of Indigenous people on this, their home and native land? How closely can Indigenous and non-Indigenous people come together for mutual benefit in a cannabis industry outside of corporate control?

These are questions which can only be answered in practice. Key to the building of this alliance is sharing information and learning about eachother’s histories.

This website is just one small  way to try and examine the growing reality of Indigenous cannabis.

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Dispensing Freedom is a collaboration between independent indigenous cannabis entrepreneurs and a team of freelance media creators living in Iroquoia (Southern Ontario and Quebec). The goal of Dispensing Freedom is to create and share news and knowledge from those on the front lines of the indigenous cannabis industry.

Dispensing Freedom consults with, reports upon, and creates media relating to Indigenous issues and matters of concern to the cannabis industry, but does not sell cannabis or cannabis products.

To get in touch with us, email us at

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