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Dispensing Freedom is media project which the reports sovereign Indigenous economy on Turtle Island. Our primary focus is Indigenous cannabis industry, and with over 1000 articles on topic, the world’s largest repository of information on that subject.

Dispensing Freedom has long been at the front lines of the Indigenous cannabis movement. We began our work in 2016, we have been there to cover all of the major conferences, meetings, raids and legal developments since then.

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Dispensing Freedom is comprised of a network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who are dedicated to researching and reporting on the indigenous cannabis industry. Our aim is to provide accurate and timely information to our readers. Because of the continued criminalization of the Indigenous economy, we do not always publish the names of our contributors.

Dispensing Freedom consults with, reports upon, republishes, and creates original media relating to Indigenous issues and matters of concern to the cannabis industry, but does not sell cannabis or cannabis products.

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