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Pot shop raided again

Indigenous pot store once again target of Community Safety Unit From Original Article by Kelsie Kilwana June 27, 2020 Tupas Joint, in downtown Vernon, had products seized by the Province of B.C.’s Community Safety Unit (CSU) for the second time this month. Officials seized the items for the second…

Former national chief says First Nations leadership have ‘no authority’ over cannabis dispensaries

Del Riley authored two sections of Canada’s Constitution Act affirming existing aboriginal and treaty rights. Decades later, they’re being used as a line of defence for the on-reserve cannabis industry From Original Article by James Hopkin June 23 2020 Although Del Riley is lending his roughly four decades of…

OPP raid six black market pot shops near Oneida First Nation, arrest six

From Original Article by Dale Carruthers June 4 2020 Police raided a half-dozen black market cannabis dispensaries on the outskirts of an Indigenous community southwest of London Thursday. Members of the OPP joint forces cannabis enforcement team searched six illegal pot shops on Carriage Road in Middlesex Centre at…

Del Riley blazes trail for Indigenous cannabis stores with speaking tour and gifting of Constitutional certificates

Riley, with a lifetime of leadership at every level of Indigenous politics – local, regional, national and international – is now turning his mind to the issue of cannabis, and believes that Sections 25 and 35 of the Constitution Act can be used to protect the Indigenous right to use cannabis as a medicine and means of economic sustenance.