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Garden River FN members rally outside Band Office demanding cannabis accountability

Over 50 members of Garden River FN gathered in -15 weather outside of the Elected Band Council Offices for over an hour and a half on Tuesday, Dec 10th, to express their disagreement with Band Council’s cannabis policy. Inside, council was in a private closed door meeting with Isadore Day of the consulting firm Bimaadzwin – a decision that many people disagreed with.

On Wednesday, Nov 27th the Anishinabek Police Services raided a medicinal cannabis dispensary on the territory of Garden River. On the same day council passed a motion reaffirming it’s moratorium on cannabis sales – a moratorium that many community members strongly oppose. At least three cannabis dispensaries are currently operating in the First Nation, and business is thriving.

The video below includes interviews with people gathered in protest outside of the council offices, interviews with two Garden River Councillors, and a brief discussion with Isadore Day.

The complete video combining all three segments is posted below.

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