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Posts published in “Band Councils”

Position paper blasts Shawanaga Cannabis Law as an “unconstitutional” violation of the people’s rights

The position paper “opposes the proposed cannabis law for multiple reasons, including but not limited to: A) its unconstitutional violation of our Aboriginal and Treaty rights on our unceded Indigenous lands, B.) the failure of Chief and Council to involve or consult with the people, C) the lack of transparency or accountability over the convoluted corporate structure created to monopolize the cannabis industry, and D) the way in which the law criminalizes Shawanaga members involved in the cannabis industry.”

Canada’s first Indigenous-owned cannabis producer releases first products to a First Nation retailer

A manager at Green Chief Naturals, licensed to operate by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, confirms that they began carrying two varieties of dried cannabis from Seven Leaf on Friday, April 23. This appears to represent the first product from a federally licensed cannabis producer being sold in a retail location not authorized by a provincial cannabis authority, but instead by local First Nations authorities.

Concerns raised over voter suppression in Shawanaga First Nation elections

Chief Pamajewon and a council made up of Patricia Pawis, Richard Jason, Dan Pawis, Alfred Stevens and Sherrill Judge have set election regulations that will reduce voter turnout and eliminate online voting. In the midst of a pandemic and ‘stay at home’ order, all voter are now required to travel in person to vote at the recreation centre in the First Nation on May 15th.

Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte push back on annual Cannabis Cup, detours in place on Highway 49

From original article by David Foot September 11 2020 An emergency detour has been put in place on Highway 49 due to what OPP are calling a “community event”. The Tyendinaga Mohawk Police tell Quinte News officers are supervising a blockade by community members, who are trying to stop…

New job opportunities in sight for Chippewas of the Thames First Nation through new partnership

From original article by Colin Graf September 7 2020 CHIPPEWAS OF THE THAMES FIRST NATION— Officials with the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation (COTTFN) are announcing a $2 million investment in a Canadian licensed cannabis cultivation and production company. The purchase of 21% of Sensi Brands Inc. will…

Red Pheasant celebrates grand opening of new cannabis retail outlet

From original article by Angela Brown July 22 2020 A local mother from Red Pheasant Cree Nation is among those who appreciate seeing a new cannabis retail outlet now available on the First Nation. Red Flower Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary held its grand opening celebration Wednesday. Lorena Gardipysaid having a…