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Posts published in “Bimaadzwin”

Indigenous-owned and operated cannabis platform launches on National Indigenous Peoples Day

Red Market Brand’s long-term goal is to “establish a national network of First Nation-licenced producers who will supply Red Market and other First Nation cannabis products — all approved by Health Canada.” From Regina Leader-Post by Sam Riches June 21 2021 Red Market Brand (RMB) will give Canadian consumers an Indigenous option…

Today’s Pipeline Protests Are a Response and Reaction to Centuries of Lip Service and Neglect by Colonial Governments

While pipeline protests have unified a certain segment of society, the developing cannabis sector has unified a cross country push for First Nation control of a commodity that will generate own-source revenues for generations.

Garden River FN members rally outside Band Office demanding cannabis accountability

Over 50 members of Garden River FN gathered in -15 weather outside of the Elected Band Council Offices for over an hour and a half on Tuesday, Dec 10th, to express their disagreement with Band . Council's cannabis policy. Inside, council was in a private closed door meeting with Isadore Day of the consulting firm Bimaadzwin – decision that many people disagreed with.