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“Free Derek Roque”: Videos from the Sept 19 rally at the Sudbury Courthouse

The following are videos recorded at the scene of the protest to “Free Derek Roque” at the Sudbury Courthouse on September 19, 2019.

Supporters chant “Free Derek Roque” in the bowels of the Sudbury Courthouse on Sept 19, 2019.
Wahnapitae FN Councillor Ted Roque speaks out against the police raid of Creators Choice. Recorded in the Sudbury Courthouse on Sept 19, 2019.
Cousin Roy Roque and father Giles Roque speak about the imprisonment of Derek Roque in the basement of the courthouse in Sudbury.
Serpent River Councillor Steve Meawasige explains why he came to support Derek Roque at the Sudbury Courthouse and issues a call to policing authorities to resolve the matter.
Matt Esquimaux of Aundeck Omni Kaning FN expresses his support of Derek Roque and talks about the police raid of his dispensary earlier this week.
Derek Roque owner of Creator’s Choice is released from custody as his people rally for him.
This is the first interview to the media that Derek Roque did after being released from police custody after the Sept 18, 2019 raid on Creator’s Choice.
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