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Posts published in “Indigenous Cannabis Laws”

Fighting for sovereign Micmac rights in Ugpi’ganjig

Chris, Kyle and Cody Caplin are brothers who live at Ugpi'ganjig and who have been on the front lines of the Micmac fight for economic sovereignty for years. Like hundreds of other Indigenous entrepreneurs, when Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, Chris and Cody Caplin opened a sovereign trading post to sell cannabis on reserve. With wide ranging support for the use of cannabis as a medicine in the community, five other cannabis shops followed the lead of the Medicine Cabinet, and have helped to build a thriving cannabis economy in the community.  

Judge dismisses charges against Mi’kmaw business accused of unlicensed cannabis sales

Matter dropped after Crown said lead investigator was no longer available From CBC by Erin Pottie September 2 2022 A Cape Breton man waited nearly two years to argue for what he says is his right to sell cannabis on reserve lands. But just as Albert Marshall Jr.’s trial got underway on…

Decolonizing cannabis

Excluded from Canada’s marijuana industry, Indigenous entrepreneurs are forging a sovereign market From The Breach by Caitlin Donohue August 4 2022 When Tim Barnhart first opened a cannabis dispensary on Tyendinaga Mohawk territory back in 2015, it was considered a radical act.  Legacy 420 was a sovereign shop, promising to empower Indigenous…

‘To Heal and to Care for’: Protecting Iboga and Indigenous Voices in the Face of Corporatisation

Lack of involvement of Indigenous communities & leaders risks further colonial exploitation of their lands and cultural heritage. From volteface by Editorial June 30 2022 Almost a decade ago, Elizabeth’s husband Chor experienced what she now calls a “healing crisis”: an opiate relapse after a 13 year stretch of sobriety.…