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Pot law overlooked First Nations

Letter to the Editor in link to letter Nov 15th 2018

In the federal Liberals’ haste to negotiate how they would share all of that delicious, new cannabis tax revenue with the provinces, they totally neglected to consult with Canada’s First Nations communities on the same issue.

Unsurprisingly, a Chilliwack First Nation in B.C. has now written its own cannabis law and is licensing its own store, moves that are likely to be replicated en masse by the Six Nations Confederation and other Indigenous communities.

The end result will almost certainly be the feds turning a blind eye to tax-free cannabis sales to off-reserve users, as they do now with respect to contraband cigarettes. This is already costing more than $3 billion in lost revenue, a fact to bear in mind when we are told about the need for all of us to pony up higher taxes.

Herb Schultz, Edmonton

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