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Eskasoni concerned about unregulated cannabis sales, intends to open dispensary

From link to article, Feb 14th 2020

Eskasoni’s chief and council say they are concerned about the unregulated sale of cannabis in the community, in light of two recent incidents involving unwitting consumption of cannabis-laced products.

RCMP in Eskasoni are investigating after a four-year-old girl ate chocolate containing THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. The girl was transported to hospital by ambulance for treatment. That came shortly after people fell ill by eating THC-laced molasses cake during a school celebration.

In a news release Friday, Chief Leroy Denny said the community must take control of the situation. The release noted that illicit cannabis may be unsafe and contain other substances or drugs. They indicated they will not approve or authorize any private-owned dispensaries to sell any cannabis products.

The release adds that Eskasoni First Nation will open its open community dispensary soon to sell cannabis and related products under the Mi’kmaq right to self-government.

The sale of recreational cannabis was legalized by the federal government in October 2018, giving provinces the power to regulate the sales. In Nova Scotia, legal recreational cannabis is sold at select Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. outlets.

The province to date has not provided any cannabis seller licenses to Indigenous communities.

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