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Posts published in “Tyendinaga”

Cannabis: the new tobacco?

Jorge Barrera • CBC News • May 27, 2018 Marijuana dispensaries are sprouting in large numbers on Mohawk territory, while community rules are up in the air It’s a 24-hour, seven-day a week business at the Pot Shoppe on Tyendinaga Mohawk territory, east of Belleville, Ont. The small, cabin-like store…

BONOKOSKI: First Nations to Justin Trudeau: Don’t walk on our grass!

When it comes to our First Nations, Justin Trudeau projects a blood-brother relationship with our country’s indigenous communities, complete with an appropriated Haida tattoo, stresses the need for reconciliation to deal with the wounds of intergenerational trauma and abuse, but falls woefully short of doing anything substantive to lessen poverty and substance addictions.

BONOKOSKI: Troubling smoke signals: One Ontario reserve already has 26 pot shops

The crapshoot involving the Trudeau Liberals’ rush to legalize marijuana before the summer’s end just got its timeline potentially thrown into disarray with the Senate recommending a year’s delay evaluate the harmful effects it may have on our indigenous communities. If only they knew it’s already a fiasco. Members of…