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Indigenous-led harm reduction project receives $1.2 million from Health Canada

From CTV News by Lyndsay Armstrong June 13 2023 An Indigenous-led harm reduction research project has been given about $1.2 million by Health Canada to investigate treatment options for people living with opioid use disorder. “I’m very proud of this Indigenous-led, strategic, multi-partnered, research-backed, wellness and harm reduction project,” Roger…

Herbal Remedies in Wikwemikong provides for all your medicinal cannabis needs

That hasn’t stopped Matthew Bell, a Bear Clan member of the Potawatomi nation, from seeking a different path – one which his fiercely independent ancestors travelled themselves. Instead of operating under Canada’s licensing system – which was devised without consulting Indigenous people – Bell is taking a stand for sovereignty.

Cannabis, Opioids, Crystal Meth: Enhancing a First Nation Context to Health Policy and Models of Care – Feb 11th

Dr. Shelley Turner, MD CCFP, will be speaking on Cannabis: An Opportunity for All First Nations at the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba 2020 National Conference, “Cannabis, Opioids, Crystal Meth: Enhancing a First Nation Context to Health Policy and Models of Care” on Feb.11th

Fort McMurray group planning one of Canada’s first Indigenous cannabis operations

Fort McMurray #468 First Nation hopes to start construction of a plant in May on its land near Gregoire Lake, about 50 km southeast of Fort McMurray, says a spokesman for a Vancouver company consulting on the scheme. The operation is designed to produce 2,600 kilograms of pot annually — possibly…

TRANSCRIPT-Akwesasne’s Stacy Huff on Cannabis, Healing and the Great Law


Smoke Signals Radio Speaks with Stacy Huff

March 16, 2018

Downloads: Audio  / PDF


You’re listening to Smoke Signals Radio, a Smoke Signals Media Production.

I’m datejie green

Today I’m speaking with Stacy Huff of Akwesasne Mohawk Territory. Stacy is a midwife trained in the healing powers of cannabis and other plant based traditional medicines. She’s also a grandmother and an activist with deep roots in land and water protection.

I’m meeting Stacy in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, where she and her children are visiting relations. She is here also as co-organizer of the Indigenous Cannabis Cup coming up from May 18-21.

Stacy starts me off with a tour of the Cup grounds. It’s a beautiful winters day. The sun is high and bright, and the wind is powerful.  Stacy tells me, “This North Wind, is known as “Kadaswat,” ever playful, sometimes vicious.” She says she’s grateful that today is a playful day, that Kadaswat must be excited about the topic of healing!

We retreat inside to get out of the cold and talk about indigenous cannabis.