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Posts published in “Elders”

Former National Chief Del Riley to assist Mi’kmaw fisherman in New Brunswick constitutional challenge

Fisherman Cody Caplin is self-representing in a court battle over Mi’kmaq fishing rights; six days of trial are scheduled in December. CAMPBELLTON, NB – On October 12th, 2023, Mi’kmaw fisherman Cody Caplin appeared in court to fight an attempt by Crown prosecutor Denis Lavoie to summarily dismiss his constitutional challenge as “manifestly frivolous.”…

Fighting for sovereign Micmac rights in Ugpi’ganjig

Chris, Kyle and Cody Caplin are brothers who live at Ugpi'ganjig and who have been on the front lines of the Micmac fight for economic sovereignty for years. Like hundreds of other Indigenous entrepreneurs, when Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, Chris and Cody Caplin opened a sovereign trading post to sell cannabis on reserve. With wide ranging support for the use of cannabis as a medicine in the community, five other cannabis shops followed the lead of the Medicine Cabinet, and have helped to build a thriving cannabis economy in the community.  

Former national chief says First Nations leadership have ‘no authority’ over cannabis dispensaries

Del Riley authored two sections of Canada’s Constitution Act affirming existing aboriginal and treaty rights. Decades later, they’re being used as a line of defence for the on-reserve cannabis industry From Original Article by James Hopkin June 23 2020 Although Del Riley is lending his roughly four decades of…

Del Riley blazes trail for Indigenous cannabis stores with speaking tour and gifting of Constitutional certificates

Riley, with a lifetime of leadership at every level of Indigenous politics – local, regional, national and international – is now turning his mind to the issue of cannabis, and believes that Sections 25 and 35 of the Constitution Act can be used to protect the Indigenous right to use cannabis as a medicine and means of economic sustenance.

‘The happy smoke’ is coming: Elder wants to teach people about cannabis using simple language

Randi Beers • CBC News • Oct 05, 2018 Non-profit group hosts workshop to learn how First Nations communities are coping with legalization Ellen Smith says Fort McPherson isn’t ready for cannabis. That’s not to say it’s bad or harmful — Smith just wants her community to understand what’s coming. She adds the key to getting…

Cannabis and the Onkwehon:we: An open meeting with elders Loran Thompson, Francis Boots, and Paul Delaronde

Herbal Releaf CBD+, King Leaf and Smoke Signals Media Present: An open meeting to discuss the following topics: What is the Onkwehon:we relationship to cannabis? What are the implications of the Canadian legalization of cannabis for Onkwehon:we people? How should cannabis be “regulated” on Onkwehon:we territories? Given the potential economic…