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Cannabis Company Receives Investment from Manitoba Métis For-Profit Corporation

Indigenous Associated Cannabis License Applicant, Green Mountain, Receives $1 Million Financing from Métis N4 Construction

From link to release by Green Mountain March 28, 2019

Penticton, BC, March 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Green Mountain, an upcoming socially responsible, low-cost, large-scale wholesale cannabis and hemp producer, has recently received a $1 million investment from Métis N4 Construction. Métis N4 Construction is a diversified project management construction corporation owned by Métis Economic Development Trust, which was established by the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF). This is Métis N4 Construction’s second investment in Green Mountain; the first funding support was contributed in May of 2018, bringing the total investment to $1.3 million. 
Green Mountain has a strong commitment to social responsibility with Indigenous partnerships forming the foundation of its business. Dr. David Chartrand, current and longest serving President of the Manitoba Métis Federation, has joined the Company as a Director, and in addition to the MMF Green Mountain is involved with members of the Penticton Indian Band and the Pimicikamak Okimawin. Green Mountain has engaged Health Canada’s Indigenous Navigator Service and has officially been identified as an Indigenous associated license applicant.

“We are very proud to be working in alliance with the forward-thinking Manitoba Métis Federation,” said Green Mountain President, Wade Attwood. “We support Indigenous communities in their desire for sovereignty and rights for their nations, and their inclusion in the cannabis industry. We plan to work closely with the MMF to develop project plans and create long-term opportunities including job creation, skills training, continued health and cannabis education, and economic benefits. Once Green Mountain has progressed to producing and harvesting cannabis, we will begin providing training for Indigenous citizens interested in learning associated job skills. It is our goal to eventually establish a facility in Manitoba to create jobs and further cannabis cultivation opportunities for Indigenous peoples.”

Dr. David Chartrand, President of the Manitoba Métis Federation, said, “Green Mountain has an enduring commitment to employing and supporting Indigenous peoples; they truly want to give back to the community and their business model is perfectly designed to provide future employment opportunities to the Metis people.”

“I think that cannabis is going to play a significant role in addressing widespread chronic health and pain issues for the Métis,” Dr. Chartrand continued. “Many pharmaceuticals have evolved from medicinal plants that Indigenous people around the world have had knowledge of for ages. Despite this understanding of traditional medicine and a profound connection to, and respect for nature, cannabis has been unfairly demonized. With proper education we can turn this around, and I believe Green Mountain will play an important role in eliminating these stigmas and helping our community to see the benefits that this medicine has to offer. I believe that Green Mountain will be successful and that they will make a positive impact for our Métis people.”

Mr. Attwood added, “At all times we strive to demonstrate our respect for local cultural and environmental values, and we are dedicated to growing cannabis naturally and in accordance with mother nature; reflecting Indigenous communities’ respect for the plant as a medicine.”

Green Mountain has secured three properties in the Okanagan Valley in BC. A full cannabis Cultivation and Processing License is in the approval process on a 16-acre parcel in Kaleden, British Columbia, with the first stage of greenhouse construction anticipated to be complete in the spring of 2019. Green Mountain has a Letter of Intent to lease a 98-acre parcel of Indigenous agricultural land and has leased a commercial greenhouse in the White Lake area of Kaleden, intending to cultivate industrial hempfor the extraction of cannabidiol (CBD) and conduct research and development on a high CBD hemp strain. The Company is committed to sustainable outdoor and greenhouse growing practices which will reduce environmental impacts and utilize natural elements to ensure the highest quality product.

About Green Mountain 
Located in the Okanagan Valley, BC’s best cannabis growing area, Green Mountain is progressing towards becoming one of Canada’s leading, socially responsible, low-cost, large-scale wholesale cannabis and hemp producers. Our team of employees, proven industry experts, and Indigenous partners are working to ensure we will provide safe, sun-grown, high-quality cannabis and hemp using environmentally sustainable cultivation methods and greenhouse technology.

As a wholesale, high-volume, low-cost producer, Green Mountain is ideally positioned to fill a market gap; providing the expanding Canadian medical and recreational cannabis industry with consistently high-quality product utilizing superior genetics. The company has secured over 100 acres with the potential for over 1,000,000 square feet of growing space. For more information, visit

About Métis N4 Construction
Métis N4 Construction is a diversified project management construction corporation owned by the Métis Economic Development Trust. The Corporation was established by the Manitoba Métis Federation to pursue effective Métis participation in economic and major resources development projects like Manitoba Hydro’s Bipole III transmission line, the Enbridge Line 3 replacement line, and other major projects. The firm specializes in construction project management, operates Indigenous training programs and provides camp accommodation services.  

The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) is the official democratic and self-governing political representative for the Métis Nation’s Manitoba Métis community. The MMF promotes the political, social, cultural, and economic interests and rights of the Métis in Manitoba and in Canada. In addition, the MMF delivers programs and services to its community including child and family services, justice, housing, youth, education, human resources, economic development and natural resources. For more information, visit or

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