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Government of Manitoba Press Release July 2 2021

Manitoba Justice advises today the attorney general has brought a lawsuit seeking an interim and permanent injunction against Indigenous Bloom Long Plain GP Ltd. and its owners, Long Plain First Nation, and Indigenous Bloom CGT Corp., to stop the unlicensed sale of unregulated cannabis products and apply one set of rules to everyone.

The attorney general takes this step in the public interest, given his unique role and function. To protect public health and safety, to protect the integrity of the established legal framework for cannabis sales in Manitoba, and to protect the interests of all Manitoba cannabis retailers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, that participate in the legal system and ensure consistent access to controlled and authorized cannabis products from licensed producers.

Under the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act, all cannabis stores in the province must be licensed by the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority (LGCA), and all products must be exclusively supplied through the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MBLL). These mandatory requirements ensure the integrity of controlled and approved products from licensed producers authorized under the federal Cannabis Act, and they apply regardless of whether or not a store is located on First Nations land.

The attorney general’s public interest action follows earlier efforts by LGCA and MBLL to stop the unlicensed sale of unregulated products at a Keeshkeemaquah store on the Long Plain First Nation, which included extending multiple opportunities to resume participation in the licensed legal framework. Unfortunately, the unlicensed sale of unregulated cannabis products has continued.

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