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Posts published in “Assembly of First Nations”

Namaste Signs Services Agreement with Indigenous Canadian Medical Dispensaries (IcMD) to Provide Patient Consultations to Over 1.5 Million Indigenous Community Members Exclusively through NamasteMD

Namaste and IcMD believe they can help bridge the gap for Indigenous communities across Canadawho are suffering from an overwhelming lack of access to quality healthcare services.

How legal weed will change Canada

The legal cannabis market is already presenting both challenges and opportunities for many Indigenous communities across the country. Former national chief of the Assembly of First Nations Phil Fontaine spent 2017 travelling to meet with First Nations and cannabis companies about the potential for future jobs and economic growth.

Indigenous leaders raise concerns over impact of legal marijuana on First Nations communities

Reprinted from the Toronto Star, Dec 12, 2017. Isadore Day, Ontario regional chief of the Assembly of First Nations, says it’s embarrassing that Indigenous leaders weren’t invited to take part in Monday’s talks between finance ministers in Ottawa. By KRISTY KIRKUP The Canadian Press OTTAWA—Indigenous leaders looking at the prospect of legalized…