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Posts published in “Taxation”

Election Interview with Andrew Clifford Miracle, candidate for Chief of the MBQ

Andrew Clifford Miracle is a candidate for Chief in the Dec 7th, 2019 election of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory,. In this interview Clifford talks extensively about his views of the cannabis industry and of his vision for the future. He also provides his personal phone number in the course of the interview so that those who want more information may contact him.

Happy Cannabis Day? First Nations, Legalization & The Ongoing Failure Of Canadian Federalism

From link to post by Bob Watts, October 17, 2018 TODAY MARKS Canada’s newest national holiday, Cannabis Day. While tax collectors are anticipating a windfall from the soon to be legalized cannabis market, provinces are making up rules on the run in the face of expected revenues, and the federal government…

Indigenous groups seek autonomous cannabis taxing: First Nations crafting regulatory plan to be presented to Ottawa that proposes separate excise levy

Canada's First Nations are crafting a plan for a separate cannabis regulatory regime that they will present to Ottawa by the spring no matter which party wins the coming federal election.