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Wahupta Ventures Inc. Grows International Hemp Footprint

From link to article Wahupta Ventures  December 5th 2018

VANCOUVER, Dec. 5, 2018 /CNW/ – Wahupta Ventures Inc. today announced that it has entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement with Enigma Enterprises Inc. Wahupta has committed to an investment amount of $2,000,000 to be paid over a six month period in exchange for a 10% ownership in Enigma Enterprises Inc which owns Colombian subsidiary Milagro Pharmaceuticals S.A.S.

Through this stock purchase, Wahupta gains immediate access to:

  • Over 2,400 acres of Hemp farming land near Villavicencio, Colombia
  • Hemp crops at an expedited 5 cycles per year.
  • Milagro’s Federal Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Exportation licenses granted by the Colombian government.
  • Milagro’s exclusive agreement with more than 160 local growers in Colombia.

“Wahupta is moving at an exponential pace with regard to our projects and global partnership expansions.” States Wahupta CEO Warren D. Cudney.  Milagro is the perfect partner as we expand into Latin American markets and into Colombia specifically.  We are currently considering several opportunities in these areas, and it is the parallels in core values we share with Martin Simon and Charlie Bravo, executive officers of Milagro Pharmaceuticals Inc, that make it a perfect partner for Wahupta moving forward. Additionally, this relationship offers immediate reduction in production costs, allows for multiple crops per year and further reinforces Wahupta’s vertical integration globally.”

Located in Colombia, Enigma Enterprises Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary, Milagro Pharmaceuticals S.A.S., is a leading manufacturer of cutting edge and high value phyto-extracts, concentrates and specific cannabis phyto-chemicals, worldwide.  It has been successful in securing licenses in Colombia allowing for the cultivation, manufacturing, and exportation of high volume, cannabis-related products including Isolates and oils.

Wahupta continues to increase its shareholder value and is currently offering a series A financing round at $1.00 with warrants at $1.75.  For additional investment information email: 

Wahupta Ventures Inc. is a privately held corporation owned and operated in Canada. Wahupta is headquartered in Canada and the US, with offices located in Winnipeg Manitoba, Burnaby British Columbia, Orange County California and Las Vegas Nevada. Wahupta is focused on the cultivation, production, processing, and extraction of hemp and cannibidiol (CBD), while simultaneously creating key collaboration with sovereign Indigenous communities throughout North America.  It is Wahupta’s core value to work with its partners to develop opportunities in communities that do not currently exist, and honor traditional values to addressing current conditions in their individual communities.

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