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‘Babylon Must Burn’

The Indigenous Cannabis Cup was an overall success despite some rain and wind on the second day, which was highlighted by Donisha Prendergast’s fiery call to action and resistance. The Toronto-based filmmaker and activist is also the granddaughter of the legendary Rastafarian revolutionary and world renown singer, Bob Marley.

“I’m so encouraged by what you’re doing here (at the Indigenous Cannabis Cup) and what is being achieved,” she said. “Your fight is what we have tried to replicate.”

Prendergast’s presentation is part of a series of workshops scheduled for the historic gathering which examine the power and history of the cannabis plant.

“The cannabis plant in Jamaica, as in the rest of the world, has a messed up history,” she said. “This plant has been raped and abused. But cannabis is life. She’s a mother and a healer.”

Prendergast was recently subjected to racial profiling in Rialto, Calif., while leaing an AirBnB. The video has since gone viral.

Highlighting the similarities of the struggle black and Indigenous peoples in colonial North America continue to face, Prendergast therefore urged the crowd to continue their resistance and “continue to not comply.”

“This thing that is happening right now — we’ll call it your burning Babylon,” she said. “Babylon must burn!”

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