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Legal Resources

While the Indigenous cannabis movement is rapidly growing across Canada, there continue to be a variety of police enforcement actions taking place. The following page serves as a resource for Indigenous cannabis entrepreneurs combatting criminalization while exerting their rights.

Police Raids

A listing of police raids on Indigenous dispensaries.

A listing of all police raids since cannabis was “legalized.”

Legal and Constitutional resources

Del Riley, former leader of the National Indian Brotherhood and author of Sections 25 and 35 of the Constitution speaking on how the Indigenous cannabis industry is protected by the Constitution.

Audio and video and write up of the December 19th, 2019 meeting of dispensary owners in French River to combine their constitutional challenge. Requires a password to access. Contact for password.

The Constitutional Challenge developed as a result of the Henvey Inlet raids.

The Jan 21st Constitutional Challenge addendum.

Summary article about the Constitutional Question explaining the Rowan Proclamation and the 1850 Indian Protection Act.

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