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Posts published in “First Nations Medicinal”

After the raid at First Nations Medicinal

Chadwick McGregor and Eliot Gautier run First Nations Medicinal based in Wahnapitae First Nation, located about 45 minutes north of Sudbury store after their store was raided by police. Although the police took money and medicines, they did not issue formal charges as McGregor and Gautier relate. First Nations Medicinal…

Smoke Signals Bulletin #3

Issue 3 of the Smoke Signals Bulletin is now out. Topics covered include the responses to the Six Nations cannabis survey and the efforts of First Nations Medicinal to give back to those in need.  

First Nations Medicinal brings Christmas to Indigenous family at Sick Kids

TORONTO – For many Indigenous communities, medicinal cannabis has become an important economic asset, bringing prosperity to many of those entering the industry. In Wahnapitae First Nation, dispensary owner Chadwick McGregor is determined to share some of that wealth with his community. “In December we ran a contest called Bringing…