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Posts published in “Monopoly”

Area First Nations eye band’s ban on pot-by-mail

A northern Ontario Indigenous community has become the first to ban the province's monopoly pot delivery service from its territory, a move that at least one Southwestern Ontario First Nation - and maybe more - is looking to follow.

Prohibition 2.0: Did Canada’s Legalization Merely Change What the War on Cannabis Looks Like?

VICE found that from 2015 to 2017, Canadian government agencies prosecuted minority cannabis users at a much higher rate than their white counterparts. In Regina, police were nine times more likely to arrest indigenous people for cannabis crime than whites. That’s in a city where indigenous people number 9.3 percent of…

Black and Indigenous people are overrepresented in Canada’s weed arrests

By Rachel Browne. Reprinted from VICE News. First published April 18, 2018. Black and Indigenous men and women have been overrepresented in cannabis possession arrests across Canada in the years since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, according to a VICE News investigation based on police data obtained through freedom of information…

Proponent First Nations and the FNTC work to create a First Nation Cannabis Tax and Regulation option

Originally published April 28, 2018. Reprinted from FNTC website. The FNTC has been working with proponent First Nations to advance a First Nation cannabis tax option since March 2017. The FNTC made proposals about this option in April 2017 to the Minister of Justice and in August 2017 to the…