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ICIA Launches Cannabis Enthusiast Memberships

The Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association launches new cannabis enthusiast level membership for individuals to join

From Leaf Nation by Steve Elliot March 28 2023

The Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association (ICIA) has launched “Friends of ICIA” membership level. The move is backed by legendary actor and musician Gary Farmer. The ICIA, a nonprofit founded in 2022, wants to build a sustainable Indigenous marijuana industry through policy, empowerment, and connection. 

Farmer is an award-winning actor and member of the Cayuga Nation. He earned a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 Native American Film + Video Festival. He starred opposite Johnny Depp in the 1995 film Dead Man. Farmer also has recurring appearances on the now-streaming comedy series “Reservation Dogs” as Uncle Brownie. Reservation Dogs, created by Sterlin Harjo, is the first television series featuring an all-Indigenous writing, directing, and lead acting staff. 

“My acting career has deeply overlapped with my activism efforts,” ICIA brand ambassador Farmer said. “I have been honored to work on projects renowned for their accurate portrayal of Native people and issues important to our community. Indigenous representation in Washington and collaboration with state legislators is critical to ensuring that cannabis and hemp are safe, legal and recognized as plant life that nurtures our planet and population.”

‘My Acting Career Has Overlapped With My Activism’

To promote advancement of cannabis reform, the ICIA hosts events for cannabis and hemp experts, Indigenous leaders, and non-Native partners. The group offers seminars and networking to discuss the cannabis industry, plan policy reform, and further Indigenous interests in cannabis. ICIA educates the public and business community, destigmatizes cannabis, and moves forward cannabis policy reform and legislation. It does so in a responsible, ethical, and inclusive way. 

“The ICI focuses on developing equitable state and federal policy reform strategies,” said founder Rob Pero. “We recognize the unprecedented economic opportunity of the hemp and cannabis industries for both the public sector and for Indigenous communities.”

Pero owns the first independent Native-owned hemp company in Wisconsin Canndigenous, and is a member of the Bad River Tribe. “Indigenous people and Tribal Nations have deep historical roots in the agricultural development of medicinal plants. Now is a unique chance to pursue cannabis policy reform and ensure Tribal sovereignty.” 

Individuals and supporters can join the movement of cannabis and hemp policy reform by purchasing an ongoing Friends of ICIA membership. The $100 annual sponsorships are available at

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