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Posts published in “Raid”

New Brunswick says it can’t enforce its cannabis laws on First Nations reserves

MARCH 31, 2024 | DAVID BROWN New Brunswick says it is unable to enforce its provincial cannabis laws on First Nations land, while other provinces take a different stance.  The new comments come following proposed changes to the province’s Cannabis Act and stand in contrast to statements and actions taken by other…

Halifax Regional Police trample on  Mi’kmaq Treaty Rights

In an interview with Dispensing Freedom, Mr. Durfee stated that when the Halifax Regional Police/RCMP – led by Detective Constable Jeffrey Seebold – raided Amu Leaf, the officers displayed significant “ignorance and racism” in their conduct. Durfee says that the officers “ripped all of our treaty materials off the walls and shredded them, tore down all our signage from the walls, and smashed all of our security cameras.”

Trial for First Nations unregulated cannabis stores could have larger impacts

From The Penticton Herald by Jaquelin St. Pierre January 24 2024 SUDBURY—Next week, the Ontario Superior Court will hear a precedent-setting case involving 10 First Nations defendants facing cannabis-related charges dating back to the early days of the legalization of recreational cannabis. Ontario made the substance legal on October 17,…

Former National Chief Del Riley to assist Mi’kmaw fisherman in New Brunswick constitutional challenge

Fisherman Cody Caplin is self-representing in a court battle over Mi’kmaq fishing rights; six days of trial are scheduled in December. CAMPBELLTON, NB – On October 12th, 2023, Mi’kmaw fisherman Cody Caplin appeared in court to fight an attempt by Crown prosecutor Denis Lavoie to summarily dismiss his constitutional challenge as “manifestly frivolous.”…

Is the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers responsible for violating Anishinaabe ‘Aboriginal and treaty rights?’

Audio recording reveals OPP Detectives told the Hwy 17 Dispensary and Trading Post that they would only raid if “the township does not permit it.” By Dispensing Freedom staff MASSEY – On Aug 17th, 2023, the sovereign Highway 17 Dispensary and Trading post was opened at 195 Sauble St. in…

Brantford police raid sovereign Indigenous cannabis shop on Mohawk lands

A sovereign Indigenous cannabis store operating in downtown Brantford, Ontario was robbed on Tuesday Sept 12th by the Brantford Police department. Sovern 4/20, which opened the day before the raid occurred, is located at 14 Dalhousie Street on lands deeded by the Crown to the “Mohawks and such others of the Six Nations” by the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784.