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From Respect My Region by Jordan Fleury December 7 2022

Respect My Region’s 2022 North American Weed Tour wraps up on December 15th. Canadian Cannabis Podcast host, Jordan Fleury, has scoped out cannabis brands across Canada and has spoken with some of the best in the industry.

Throughout the 2022 season of the CCP, some of the guests are front running Canadian cannabis brands within the industry. For instance, UpRyze Cannabis recently set a world record with a fire rendition of Grand Master Funk that scored 40.035% THC on the certificate of analysis. The product drops in time for Jordan to leave a little review under the YouTube tree for Christmas. In the meantime, find more UPRYZE product reviews on the #decolonizecannabis channel.

Another standout, Dabble Cannabis Co. has entered the industry with a top-tier cold cure. During the NAWT, CEO Alannah Davis was on the Canadian Cannabis Podcast. She reflected on being part of a cannabis industry startup, the importance of standard operating procedures, quality assurance measures and navigating regulatory affairs while processing some of Canada’s top-notch concentrates. We look forward to visiting Allanah and family in the summer 2023.

Recently, Fleury interviewed RMR COO, Joey Brabo, to talk about fire from the North. Joey “Jayping” made it up to the Canadian coasts all the way from L.A. to shop in Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Jordan further explored markets in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Joey and Jordan have both connected with brands and shared reviews of a variety of products on YouTube. Here’s a list of twenty cannabis brands that they discussed in the interview and are worth getting to know.

20 Canadian Cannabis Brands You Should Know

Flower and Prerolls:

UpRyze Cannabis: Their Chem 91 is a great strain to try out.

The TobaRolling Syndicate: A brand new partnership between five separate cannabis brands.

Pistol and Paris: Check out their Legendary Larry strain for starters.

MTL Cannabis: Their Sage & Sour strain is a standout.

Orgenics Cannabis: Pineapple Express is their signature cultivar.

Because You Cann: The Blue Glue Kush strain received a great review from Jordan.

Ness: This brand is all about unique strains with familiar lineages.

Dykstra: A family owned, and operated producer located in St. Catharines, Ontario.

BLK MKT: This brand is for the real smokers, the blazers, the connoisseurs.

CookiesBerner’s cannabis empire has stretched its dough across Canada.

The Green Organic Dutchman: It doesn’t get more Canadian than TGOD’s Organic Maple Kush strain.


Wyld: This brand has taken North America by storm with their delicious edibles.

Wana: Their mission is to enhance people’s lives by unlocking the full potential of the cannabis plant.

Ghost Drops: They are redefining the industry by partnering with the best cultivators and breeders.

Collective Project: This cannabis-infused beverage company collaborates with artists to create unique packaging.

Bhang: An incredibly popular chocolate cannabis edible brand in the US, they’ve now expanded to Canada.


HWY 59: This Winnipeg extractor is a producer of cannabis 2.0 products.

Papa’s Herb: A dapper brand made “by the people, for the people,” with a focus on supporting the “little guy.”

Dabble Cannabis Co: A family-owned and operated sun grown cannabis farm.


TOQi: A revolutionary tech company manufacturing innovative vape pen products.

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