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Local marijuana dispensary hitting the market in November

From Original Article by Taylor Worsham October 19 2020

BAY MILLS — Northern Light Cannabis Company, owned and operated by Bay Mills Indian Community, has announced an opening date of Friday, Nov. 6.

Northern Light will provide residents the opportunity to purchase a variety of marijuana products, including flower, edibles, tinctures and cannabidiol, also known as CBD, oils.

Northern Light is located directly off of I-75 on M-28 at exit 384 in Dafter, just south of Sault Ste. Marie, and is an all-in-one operation. Bay Mills Indian Community will cultivate, produce, research and sell marijuana products from one location.

The Bay Mills facility will operate under similar regulations to the State of Michigan in terms of safety, testing and control standards. Bryan Newland, tribal chairman, said products will initially be ordered on-site. They expect to have pandemic precautions in place which will allow their customers to purchase their items with a curbside service.

Future plans include a tasting room, social club and destination cannabis events. Additionally, the Tribe is exploring the potential to expand this business to its other landholdings if this venture is successful. In addition, they are looking to work with other tribes to facilitate their own entry into the cannabis market in Michigan.

In 2019, Bay Mills tribal citizens enacted tribal laws and regulations to authorize personal and commercial marijuana use on tribal lands. As a result, Northern Light will be licensed and regulated under the laws of Bay Mills Indian Community.

“Bay Mills Indian Community takes a lot of pride in leading the way for the advancement of tribal rights, and being ‘first,’” said Newland. “We are proud to develop the first tribally-owned and operated cannabis business in Michigan. Northern Light Cannabis Co. will provide our community with a diverse new field for employment, and generate new revenues for our tribal government and community. This is yet another exciting step forward for Bay Mills — and for Indian Country.”

Bay Mills intends to add new locations on its tribal lands throughout Michigan and promote individual and community empowerment. Ultimately, Bay Mills will work to develop an intertribal cooperative, where marijuana products produced by Bay Mills are sold by other tribes at tribally-owned retail establishments throughout the state of Michigan to benefit their tribal members and community residents.

Learn more about Northern Light by going to their website,

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