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Dispensing Freedom

Ontario to add $31 million to budget to deal with increasing number of illegal cannabis stores

MARCH 26, 2024 | DAVID BROWN Ontario is planning to add $31 million to its budget to address illegal cannabis stores and websites operating in the province.  As part of Ontario’s Budget 2024, it says it plans to provide the funds over three years to the Provincial Joint Forces Cannabis Enforcement Team…

Halifax Regional Police trample on  Mi’kmaq Treaty Rights

In an interview with Dispensing Freedom, Mr. Durfee stated that when the Halifax Regional Police/RCMP – led by Detective Constable Jeffrey Seebold – raided Amu Leaf, the officers displayed significant “ignorance and racism” in their conduct. Durfee says that the officers “ripped all of our treaty materials off the walls and shredded them, tore down all our signage from the walls, and smashed all of our security cameras.”

‘Peyote Crisis’ Threatens Sacred Native American Ceremonies

The sanctity of Native American religious rites involving peyote faces new risks from not only recreational users, but pharmaceutical companies. From High Times by Benjamin M Adams January 26 2024 Native American and preservationist advocates are sounding the alarm about an imminent “peyote crisis.” The crisis started decades ago, but recently has…

Trial for First Nations unregulated cannabis stores could have larger impacts

From The Penticton Herald by Jaquelin St. Pierre January 24 2024 SUDBURY—Next week, the Ontario Superior Court will hear a precedent-setting case involving 10 First Nations defendants facing cannabis-related charges dating back to the early days of the legalization of recreational cannabis. Ontario made the substance legal on October 17,…

Red Roots Trading opens new sovereign cannabis store in Ottawa; steps up efforts to give back to Algonquin people

There is a new sovereign Indigenous cannabis store open in south-east Ottawa. The Red Roots Trading Co.(formally known as Medicine Wheel Natural Healing – Ottawa) has not only rebranded its flagship store at 196 Beechwood Ave in Vanier, but has now opened up a new location at 1990 Russell Road in Ottawa.

Sudbury trial raises questions about Indigenous rights to sell cannabis

Outcome could have broader implications for how pot is sold on and off First Nations From CBC by Aya Dufour January 15 2024 Although the 10 defendants who logged into a virtual Superior Court of Justice trial on Monday are from different areas of Ontario, they have two things in common: they’re Indigenous, and…